We’re going to start something new this season! 

Gorilla Glass Feature Studio!  
We want to showcase our favourite studios around the globe and we want to feature YOURS!

Glass body jewelry is so versatile, safe and colourful  - it has so many uses in a piercing studio from non-conductive retainers for safe MRI procedures, to inert and appropriately sized tunnels for heavy gauge procedures to high class hanging designs in a full colour spectrum - every studio displays it uniquely and uses it for different reasons.
We want to show the world!

This time, we would like to introduce Pinz and Needlez Tattoo Studio in Edgewood, Maryland.  

Their piercer, Dan Steinbacher, has been piercing four years and has carried Gorilla Glass for the majority of his professional career

Pinz and Needlez have a great presence on Facebook and offer Gorilla Glass to their clients, saying 

"We honestly believe that [Gorilla Glass] is the best and most consistent glass jewelry company operating."

The studio has success moving Power Plugs and Super Spirals.  They use retainers in place of steel or titanium for certain piercings for clients who have special requirements and note that the Colour Front plugs are always a hit. 

Setting their standards high (meeting APP standards), Pinz and Needlez Tattoo Studio is here for the discerning consumer that wants great work with great materials in a safe environment. Gorilla Glass is proud to be displayed in their studio! 

If you’re in the area, please stop

Pinz and Needlez Tattoo Studio 

1711 Pulaski Highway

Suite B

Edgewood, MD 21040



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