Jimmy Buddha Designs & Gorilla Glass Collaboration

Exciting news, friends. Check this out!  


       The long awaited collaboration between Jimmy Buddha (owner of Diablo Organics) and Jason Pfohl (owner of Gorilla Glass) has finally take shape and will be unveiled at the APP 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada.  Here we will give you a sneak peak at what these two miscreants have come up with.
       Jimmy Buddha’s “Dangle hook” concept and use of antique and vintage found materials is one of his signature lines, combining this with Gorilla Glass’ expertise in flame and cold worked glass is a joint project that will help take Body Jewelry to another level of mixed materials and design.

       ”It still amazes me how much energy and time it takes to come up with
fresh and new ideas, even of what seems to be such a simple concept.”

       -Jimmy Buddha

       For sometime the two have been letting the idea of a collaboration percolate.  On their most recent joint tour through Europe the creative spark that was needed presented itself.  Picking through the littered tables of junk in Barcelona’s famous “Mercat Del Encants” the two came across a pile of 19th century faceted glass pendant shapes from what were once grand chandeliers that graced the great halls of a bygone era.  A treasure among heaps of trash.  After some furious negotiation
and the two white boys amusing the local Catalan dealers with their decidedly fluent Castillano lingual abilities they were off to the drawing board with their new bag of tricks.
       Now after months in there respective workshops….Diablo Organics Bali and Gorilla Glass Oaxaca, the project has been realized.  With the same quality of craftsmanship and reputation for original design Jimmy Buddha and Gorilla Glass provide a glimpse of their 2012 collaboration:  The Chandelier Collection………..